We love natural light, colours, candid moments, hidden places, meadows, mountains, living cities, warm smiles, travelling and meeting new people. We like sweet details, good music, chic brides, flowers… If you like these things too, there is a big chance that we would be a good fit to photograph your wedding.

Love inspire us.

For us, photography is the way how to preserve precious moments and retell your story.
We happen to think that photography is one of the most important things to consider when planning your big day. And we love that responsibility.
… and yes, we love to travel, so we would be happy to follow you anywhere!

What we love…

The light
Wherever we are, we search for the best of it. We sometimes freeze and stay hypnotized by it. Any light has beauty and being able to see it feels like a treasure.

The way they interact. The things they say with their eyes, bodies and reactions rather than their words. The complexity of relationships. The power of love.

We feel so inspired whenever we spend time outdoors. Meadows, mountains, rivers, woods… It’s our favorite place to be.

Anywhere. Beauty of a person, of an object, of a moment. Thanks photography, we are able to preserve it and keep these memories forever. For you.

Music is the best thing that ever happened.

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