Swiss Elopement


It’s been a while since I’ve met Barbara and Ondra in the middle of June. But enthusiasm I have got abroad hasn’t left me yet. Switzerland is a country that makes you feel breathless and astonished, it is a place for elopement with spectacular mountains and blue sky.

Barbara and Ondra live in a charming and cozy Bern. Because of their approaching wedding in Brno I was invited to Switzerland on an Elopement Photo Session. We visited plenty of cool places, traveled by train, drunk countless glasses of sekt and got wet under the waterfalls. This kind of Destination Wedding Photography is our favourite one – because of spending lot of time with the couple, we get closer and so the photography is more relaxed. 

We took thousands of photos, had a marvelous time and as you can see – one picture is worth of thousand words. Enjoy!

Thank you so much, Barbara a Ondra. 

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