Kristina & Noam


Jewish wedding was for us something mysterious and almost a fairytale. Wedding Kristiny and Noam belongs today to our huge life experience. When Noam bought hist flight from Tel Avivu to Prague he felt in love with Kristin. And we were honoured to be a part of a real jewish wedding called chatuna. There are many interesting and extraordinary moments you as a wedding photographer have to deal with. For example the headwear called jarmulka or the preparation of contract called ketuba! In this contract the groom undertakes him self to provide his wife for the rest of his life.Of course such an important act can´t be realized without a few bottles of first-class malt whiskey. After a noisy procession to the synagog the bride and the groom are seated under an embellished baldachin called chupa. The most beautiful part of ceremony is when the groom gives the bride a ring and after that he crashes with his feet glass. It is the symbol of suffering in jewish nation. Because Kristin and Noam met in the community centre MeetFactory we took them the other day on a long walk with taking some of their wedding portraits. The place with all the artistic objects may looks crazy, but that´s what they are. And that place is where their loveromance started. Kristion and Noam, thank you that we could join your astonishing, fairytale wedding and be for a few days part of your traditions and family!

Dress: Pronovias
Venue: The Grand Mark Prague
Ceremony: Jeruzalémská synagoga
Band: Létající rabín
A-capela: Totál vokál
Video: KACO video ZDE